What is the NDC?

The NEPA Design Collective (NDC) is a non-profit corporation founded to build and support a community of Northeastern Pennsylvania-based designers, creatives, and makers, who work within the applied arts. The goal of the NDC is to build a community among creatives of different disciplines and improve the visual and tactile environment of NEPA. Through meetings, design events and group shows, the NDC encourages its members to get out of their studios and be an active part of the design community. If you are interested in joining the NDC, please look over our membership info, which includes benefits and yearly fees. Also, make sure to check out our  calendar to learn more about some of our upcoming events. 

The Three Pillars of the NDC:

Positive Energy

The cornerstone of the NDC is to build a fun and thriving design community. This means a safe place for creatives (of varying experience and disciplines) to ask for advice, WIP feedback, and encouragement.

Active Participation

Members are encouraged to contribute to and attend at least one event per month (e.g. meeting, group show or design outing.) Your input builds this community and increases it’s value.

Community Service

At least twice a year, the NDC will be asked to collaborate on some kind of NEPA-based outreach. This can range from putting together a PSA campaign to volunteering and/or supporting local non-profits